Tour and Cruise

Safety & Health Issues at Embarkation

Embarkation can be a time consuming and frustrating experience for guests if it does not run smoothly. Further complicated by the dynamic nature of COVID-19, with varying port regulations and government restrictions, and automation and technology become a must-have at this stage of the traveler's journey.

Technology Solutions at Embarkation

  • Issuing of staggered embarkation slots to facilitate social distancing

  • QR code scanning and other contactless methods to identify guests

  • Timeslots verified via QR codes

  • Luggage management linked to medical approval data

  • Check-in/Checkout in buses for excursions

  • Infrared fever screening integrated with gangway mobile app

iTravel Gangway Mobile App avoids crowding at gangways plus screens temperature of guests

Use handhelds to effectively manage incoming and outgoing guests with integrated infrared fever screening system to support safety measures at port of embarkation

iTravel Passenger Tracker for Check-in/Check-out management during excursions enforces capacity restrictions

iTravel Passenger Tracker App for check-in/check-out management at port of calls and shore excursions with provision for capacity restrictions