Tour and Cruise

Optimizing Costs - Onboard

The COVID-19 pandemic has most impacted the cruise industry, and cruise lines are now embarking on various ways to bring in enhanced health and security measures for employees and passengers. However, smart companies will need to focus on long-term measures to optimize costs for business sustainability. Moving to an asset lite infrastructure onboard can significantly reduce costs. Smart ships require smart digital solutions.

Technology Solutions for Optimizing Costs Onboard

  • Asset lite Infrastructure – hardware independent software

  • Web and mobile-based lighter but performance-based architecture

  • Crew Productivity Boosters – More Apps & Automation

  • Centralized administration across fleet and from shore

  • Self Service and Digital Concierge for Guests

  • From Paper based to Automated Systems

  • Optimum staff deployment

iTravel Onboard & POS Mobile apps for Crew to boost productivity

iTravel Mobile POS for crew to take orders at the table, from the stateroom for select guests or at other public spaces.