Tour and Cruise

Additional Revenue - Reservations

Given the reluctance to travel in the COVID-19 context, cruise lines will have to keep ticket prices at lower levels to attract customers. Technology can help cruise lines innovate to increase the revenue per passenger at the time of reservation by pushing the right offer to the right person at the right time.​

Technology Solutions for Additional Revenue – Reservations

  • Move to Enterprise Travel Commerce Platform which can sell vacation experiences

  • Land Packages & Ancillary Sales pre-cruise

  • New Distribution models without big investments– easy connects to leading OTAs

  • Dynamic Pricing & Inventory optimization specific to situation/customer

  • Support for newer business models – one-day cruises, cruises to nowhere, phantom cruises, private islands, etc.

Door to Door Vacation Experience

With iTravel’s enterprise retail platform, easily sell your own or third party travel products and services and promote ancillary sales. Take advantage of dynamic packaging for an asset lite inventory model.

Rich Selling Platform Designed for Consultative Sales

Our rich selling platform is equipped with superior selling flow that supports travel with confidence programs, automatic refund processing, future credit management etc. Also enjoy an Amazon style shopping cart for easily managing multiple products types and sending out quick quotes to customers.

Inclusive and Optional Offers

Easily personalize offers and include ancillaries as a part of  rate plan or as optional items for purchase during shopping. Facility to retain details of specialized activities for subsequent purchase.