Tour and Cruise

Additional Revenue - Onboard

Cruise lines will experience loss of revenue due to the aggressive pricing in the COVID-19 context.  Technology can play a significant role in bringing the right offers at the right time to passengers, thereby increasing the revenue share per passenger.

Technology Solutions for Additional Revenue - Onboard

  • Promote more spend onboard while ticket rates are still low

  • Easy access to purchase products and services onboard with guest mobile apps/digital concierge

  • Specialty dining and reservation with a fee

  • Encourage purchases with rewards and redemption – accumulate points etc.

  • Proactive sales through personalized offers based on past customer purchases

iTravel Navigator to drive digital consumption of products and services

iTravel Navigator – Guest Mobile App

Cruise Guest mobile apps to guide, simplify and personalize the entire trip experience with access to digital concierge and a range of self-service options