Reimagine B2B Distribution – Creating New Revenue Sources Through Expanding Partnerships

Reductions in travel caused by COVID-19 have allowed hotel lines to reassess their B2B distribution strategies. Leveraging new digital tools in distribution partnering and increasing retailing opportunities can help hotels quickly ramp up additional revenue sources, many in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, and changing customer requirements.

Rethinking Reservation Distribution Platform Requirements

  • Access to opportunities provided by a broad global network of real-time channels and segments

  • Functionality to support dynamic occupancy-based pricing

  • Creation of dynamic cost optimization packages to maximize transactions (i.e., early check-in, late check-out options)

  • Ability to create channel-specific offers to drive greater share in need periods or days of week i.e., dynamic margins

  • Improve placement and conversion with online travel agents by maintaining preferred partner status

  • Provision of flexible guarantee and cancellation policies by region or channel

  • Generate personalized offers for Channel Loyalty members based on past booking history or tier

Must-Have Technologies

  • 2- way, real-time PMS/CRS integrations to all third party partners

  • RMS property management solution with access to integrated real-time demand

  • Broad and relevant global network Partners

  • The ability to connect to third-party proprietary and open standard APIs i.e., OTA, HTNG, NDC

  • Flexible rules-based Demand Management platform that supports more than accommodations

  • The ability to support both shopping cart and packages

  • Flexible and configurable channel connectors