Distribution 2.0: Creating a Digital Landscape

It is critical for hotels to optimize costs to ensure the sustainability of business operations. One way they can look forward to cost optimization opportunities without compromising service levels is leveraging technology and digital transformation initiatives. Technology and automation can not only help hotels optimize and gain efficiency at reduced costs, but also facilitate agility, thereby assuring business continuity.

A New Look at a Digital Landscape

  • Established based on a full 2-way connection directly from PMS or CRS to all key segments and partners (i.e., OTA, Airlines, Tour Operators)

  • Calculate the total cost of distribution by segment and partner i.e., commissions, channel performance, shopping, cache building, cloud, connection maintenance and upgrades

  • High performing scalable connections that provide 99.9% uptime, 99%+ ARI and BMC processing to ensure minimal operational intervention

  • Provisions for easy rule-based configurations and reduction in IT maintenance costs by reducing vendor dependency

  • Streamlining of functionality through consolidation of multiple platforms and automation of processes

Must-Have Technologies

  • 2-way, real-time PMS/CRS integrations to all third party partners

  • The ability to connect to third-party proprietary and open standard APIs i.e., OTA, HTNG, NDC

  • Support the OTA Content message to automate channel mapping

  • Automated cancellation, re-booking & refund processing

  • Cloud-based cost/performance platform for high availability and scalability

  • Rule engine approach that allows for greater flexibility and faster time to market