Voice-Driven Interaction for Contactless Self-Service Kiosk Operation

Self-service kiosks must become ‘contactless’ to remain relevant after the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically because of new health and safety standards. Otherwise, touchscreens become one of the most contaminated touchpoints in the passenger journey and may contribute to the spread of disease.

Rethinking Self-Service Technology

  • Simplify transactions while minimizing the risk of spreading disease

  • Assuage passenger health concerns and reduce passenger complaints

  • Optimize interactions for passengers with physical impairments or difficulties

  • Differentiate your kiosk experience from competitors

Must-Have Technologies

  • Kiosk hardware enhancements, including noise-canceling microphones and speakers

  • Flexible, pluggable components that use existing infrastructure to lower cost of deployment

  • Infrared cameras or other sensors to detect a passenger’s presence and start voice interactions

  • Locally deployed “edge compute” instances for real-time processing and faster responses