Updating Airport Check-In and Departure Control

Crowded, lengthy check-in and departure experiences have always been frustrating for travelers. As people begin traveling again, technology can help airlines improve customers’ safety, satisfaction, and sense of security at the moments they will appreciate it most.

Rethinking Check-in Technology

  • Requiring temperature scans at airport check-in

  • Real-time, third-party confirmation of health details at check-in

  • Rebook, refund, and cancellation policies based on health details provided at check-in

  • True personalization through customer centric design dynamically calculated at all touch points in real time

  • Flexible rule engine approach allowing configuration authoring to provide greater flexibility in changing environments

  • Configurability in the hands of the airline across multiple levels

Must-Have Technologies

  • Accurate, real-time personalization through customer-centric design

  • Increased flexibility and configuration of safety measures during evolving global circumstances

  • Keeping pace with changing requirements for mobile, datacenters, handhelds, and processes

  • Automating rebooking, refunds, cancellation, and crediting based on check-in scenarios