Tracking and Incentivizing Safe Customer Behavior

Loyal airline customers may be among the first to return to the skies. New technologies enable airlines to be more creative in how they personalize incentives for these travelers. Explore new rewards and benefits for travelers who practice safety around fellow travelers and employees.

Rethinking Loyalty Technology

  • Reducing contact with online check-in, baggage drop-off, and pre-ordering in-flight food

  • Providing a contact tracing mobile app that calculates rewards based on behavior

  • Maintaining proof of previous COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, when applicable

  • Offering in-flight masks and rewarding passengers who wear them

Must-Have Technologies

  • Greater access to relevant data on safety and customer behavior

  • Flexibility when authoring different reward schemes in response to global changes

  • Automated participation tracking and incentives distribution to rewards members

  • Systems that support one-to-one customer profiles and interactions

  • Analytics that track campaign outcomes based on a specific set of parameters¬†

  • Innovative partnerships for fresh technical solutions when circumstances change