Taking an Active Approach to Quality Management

As airlines formulate and design their long-term recovery plans, they must be mindful of the impact of new checkpoints and regulatory processes—especially concerning their impact on the timing, costs, and service quality. Real-time checks, transparency, and compliance-driven by automation can help airlines create a more seamless, proactive approach.

Rethinking Quality Management

  • Minimize revenue leakage, human error, and risk of quality breaches

  • Improve sale-to-bill cycles, compliance, and adherence to shipper KPIs

  • Resolve data inaccuracies and enable real-time audits through AI-enabled operations

  • Boost efficiencies, compliance, and security for perishables, pharma, and medical goods

  • Optimize staff response to peaks in special cargo handling through predictive analytics

  • Improve quality, transparency, and compliance in operations with third-party service providers

Must-Have Technologies

  • Integrated cargo platform that combines sales, operations and accounting processes

  • Real-time analytics that employs historical data and pattern matching

  • Seamless connectivity and data sharing between partners via APIs

  • Real-time connections to external service providers and IoT devices

  • Automated process, workflows, and rules engines