Selling More to Fewer Passengers with Reservation Automation

Both airlines and passengers must confront new government requirements affecting the reservation process. Reservations are further complicated by differing policies at local and national levels. Leading technologies can streamline the reservation process and even make individualized offers for customers.

Rethinking Reservations Automation

  • Bundled add-ons for existing customers based on travel history, behavior, and demographics

  • Simple seat reassignments based on distancing protocols

  • Mobile and web check-ins, featuring curbside baggage drop and mobile boarding passes

  • Real-time sharing of data with third-party partners for scalable, value-added services

Must-Have Technologies

  • Customer-centric design provides true personalization, calculated at all touchpoints in real-time

  • Flexible rules engine with configuration authoring to meet evolving policy requirements

  • Integrations to meet mobile, datacenter, handheld, or process management requirements

  • Automated rebooking, refunds, cancellation, and credit decisions for multiple check-in scenarios

  • Configurability in the hands of the airline¬†