Securing New Revenues and Cashflows in Air Cargo

The air cargo industry is poised to evolve quickly and significantly in its adoption of innovative technologies. Social distancing has rendered cash, checks, vouchers, and POS terminals unsuitable for revenue management. Faster, transparent, and more reliable supply chain measures through digitization will be critical to the industry’s transformation.

Rethinking Cargo Cashflows

  • Eliminate manual revenue processes and manual invoice management

  • Minimize time, bottlenecks, human error, and wait times at busy terminals

  • Simplify cargo release through integrated API, without accessing multiple systems

  • Boost supply chain reliability, transparency with global access to centralized data management

Must-Have Technologies

  • Integrated, centralized cargo management platform and payment network (PayCargo, CASS)

  • Multi-airport facilities deployment with configuration and data insulation capabilities

  • Integrated workflow and task management automation

  • Multiple levels of data verification with built-in validations and controls