Scaling Reservations Technology in Changing Business Environments

Even as air travel resumes, airlines must remain cognizant of the risk of another crisis. Fortunately, airlines can leverage technology and automation in their passenger service systems to mitigate associated risks. Investing in technologies that ramp up booking operations quickly when markets and demand fluctuate helps airlines remain competitive—even when demand decreases abruptly.

Rethinking Booking Automation Technologies

  • Optimized pricing by volume, geography, timing, demographics, frequency, and preferences

  • Reduced staff management, training, salary, and potential re-hiring costs

  • Reduced distribution costs via direct distribution using NDC APIs

  • Adaptable rules for re-bookings, refunds, and e-wallet refunds based on changing needs

  • Smarter management of fares and changing inventory via dynamic pricing methods

Must-Have Technologies

  • Rule-engine approach that allows for greater flexibility and faster time to market

  • Full NDC compliance in both ticketed and ticketless environments, across devices and channels

  • Customer-centric design with personalization, dynamic pricing, and offer creation capacities

  • Support for automated pricing, ticketing, rebooking, and refund processing.

  • Rules-based configurations to adjust to changing offers and business environments

  • Accessibility across multiple devices and channels featuring access to data via NDC APIs

  • Adaptability of existing technologies to meet evolving technology and business requirements