Rethinking Personalization: Offer the right products to the right customers using AI

Airlines are trying to become more of retailers than just travel operators, in an attempt to improve the revenues. In the process, they tend to offer more and more ancillary products to their passengers. However, having a range of products on offer alone need not unlock the full potential of retailing for the airline, as the passengers would still need to hunt for the products that they want among those offered.

Reimagining Personalization with AI-powered recommendation engine that

  • Is capable of identifying the right products that might appeal to a customer

  • Uses several parameters like flight attributes, product attributes, etc. for accurate recommendations

  • Continuously improves the recommendations using reinforcement or self-learning techniques

  • Provides accurate recommendations based on AI improves the demand and hence the revenue

  • Provides AI-based recommendations that can also improve the customer experience as they generally tend to be offered what they look for

Must-Have Technologies

  • Direct selling channel and IBE (Internet Booking Engine)

  • Access to real-time purchase data from the IBE

  • Interface to PSS / reservation system

  • Integration to the IBE