Rethinking Personalization: Create personalized bundles using AI based bundling engine

Passengers might have several related needs, which can be satisfied by a set of products. Airlines have understood this, and have traditionally tried to cater to this by offering bundles, that are created for large segments of their customers. However, the perceived value towards each of those products within the bundle would vary with each individual. Hence it is imperative that if the bundles can be created to cater to the needs of finer segments of passengers and are priced accordingly, the acceptance rate would be higher.

Reimagining Personalization AI powered bundling engine that

  • Is capable of identifying the right products that might appeal to a customer, so that an appealing bundle can be created.

  • Uses several parameters like flight attributes, product attributes, etc. for accurate recommendations of products within a bundle.

  • Identifies the price at which the bundle has to be offered, to make it appealing for the passenger.

  • Continuously improves the bundling using reinforcement or self-learning techniques

  • Improves customer experience as they would be offered what they look for at an appealing price.