Rethinking Mobility: Mobile and Wearable Apps

The movement of businesses away from physical interaction to virtual interactions has accelerated as a result of COVID-19 impact. But many of these changes are transforming the market for the long term. This is happening around both customer interactions as well as internal team interactions and processes, and existing mobile and wearable apps might not be sufficient to drive businesses in the new normal.

A New Look at the Mobility Apps

  • Highly secure apps are required as more and more sensitive data is handled by mobility apps

  • Intuitive UX with powerful functions using AI-augmented features increases productivity and customer experience

  • Domain specific frameworks allow for faster rollout of apps

  • Cross platform apps reduce development time and cost

  • Wearable apps raise the bar on experience and information availability to the end-user

  • Specially designed apps allow decision makers to access the required information and workflows to function seamlessly in the virtual world

Must-Have Technologies

  • Mobility app vision and road map for business

  • System readiness to handle increased load from mobility interactions

  • Need to converge multiple apps into one or building new apps in some cases

  • Seamless integration of mobility workflows with existing processes