Rethinking Customer Knowledge: Social Media Analytics

Customers today have a substantial online presence, and they love to share their opinions and discuss them in online forums and social media sites. Identifying customer needs, wants, and feedback is still a slow process driven by dedicated surveys and formal processes. Social media sites are rich sources of customer data priorities and feedbacks. But their potential is underutilized.

A New Look at Building Customer Knowledge

  • Capturing changing customer priorities at the pace in which it is happening helps businesses to adapt to new situations quickly

  • Solutions using advanced techniques like content categorization, topic discovery and modelling, contextual extraction, and sentiment analysis create actionable insights by analyzing reviews, comments and discussions in online forums

  • Identification of new needs, concerns, and expectations of customers in situations like COVID allows businesses to be better prepared

  • Track general customer sentiments to newly rolled out offerings by configuring to listen about particular campaign names or offers

Must-Have Technologies

  • CRM or similar systems with customer consent & social media account information to access customer-specific online data for analytics, unless for cases where only an aggregate analysis is done on publicly available information.

  • Official social media presence of the organization

  • Automatable workflows with online marketing tools will allow automatic tracking of new campaigns and offers

  • Multiple instances might be required in some cases to analyze multiple geographies due to restrictions on data privacy