Reducing the Churn of Elite Members with Anti-Poaching Schemes

Airlines must actively manage customer churn amidst the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis. Technologies like machine learning enable airlines to take more creative measures to personalize incentives and respond quickly and appropriately to changing customer behaviors.

Rethinking Loyalty Churn

  • Expanded “earn-and-burn” options for travelers through innovative non-air partnerships

  • Targeted “on-ground” point-spending schemes for non-flying top-spenders

  • Integrations with third parties for COVID-19 specific mandatory merchandise and procedures

Must-Have Technologies

  • Powerful rules engine to quickly author and distribute rewards based on changing condition

  • A campaign management system that supports one-to-one customer communication

  • Analytics faculties that automate campaign tracking based on unique parameters

  • A wide variety of third-party platform integrations to improve cross-selling and upselling

  • A consultancy partner that can innovate fresh technical solutions to meet rapidly changing needs