Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction with Mailbots and Chatbots

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, airline contact centers have been flooded with queries from passengers seeking information related to their disrupted travel plans. Most airline contact centers experienced 10 – 20 times regular daily call traffic during the onset of the pandemic. Airlines need automated solutions to increase pace during future crises and aid human agents during overflow scenarios.

Rethinking Customer Interactions

  • Effortlessly manage and close large volume and variations of contact center traffic

  • Automate and process naturally written emails for most customer scenarios

  • Accelerate response times and offload manual work with advanced NLP-based chatbots

  • Optimize omnichannel experiences with mailbot-chatbot integrations

Must-Have Technologies

  • Automated workflows where human agents and mailbots can address email traffic in parallel

  • API availability on systems so that mailbots can perform end actions

  • Knowledge repositories chatbots can access automatically to address multiple queries

  • Chatbot widgets deployed at all digital touchpoints, such as websites and mobile apps