Optimizing Fleet Utilization and Maintenance

Financial uncertainties have forced airlines to reduce fleet utilization capacity by placing aircraft in storage and minimizing operations among those that remain. Airlines need a proactive, not reactive, fleet management strategy as they emerge from the COVID-19 crisis to start fleet recovery successfully.

Rethinking Flight Operations Capabilities

  • Retiring inefficient fleets, considering consolidations, and considering changes of ownership

  • Maintaining flexible resource pools through cross-utilization across subsidiaries

  • Modifying business models to lower the cost of small-range operations

  • Exploring leasing models to reduce costs, maintain operational limits, and improve cash flows

  • Adopting a hub-based model rather than a peer-to-peer model

Must-Have Technologies

  • Quick transformation to group and consolidated operations

  • Transformation of business models and operational objectives

  • Simplified fleet retirements and crew-transfer methods

  • Cost-monitoring tools and analytics

  • Dynamic scaling of operational volume