Optimizing Earn-Burn Loyalty Economics

COVID-19 has forced airlines to adapt to how they engage and make offers to loyal customers. Halting currency expirations, lowering elite threshold requirements, and offering stats extensions are standard stopgap techniques. But as traveler's attitudes, behaviors, and spending habits evolve, airlines need technologies that will enable them to develop loyalty programs in line with traveler expectations.

Rethinking Loyalty Technologies

  • Scalable, modular loyalty programs with simple, adaptable accrual and redemption rules

  • Transaction-based pricing models that minimize the cost-burden of inactive members

  • Increased engagement levels through easy integration with “everyday rewards”

  • Improved costs and engagement through gamification and customer “achievement” support

  • Extraordinary loyalty experiences through cost-effective mobile and in-app solutions

Must-Have Technologies

  • 360-degree customer view and business intelligence (BI) for strategic decision making

  • Simple, business-driven, dynamic configurations, responsive to market and customer dynamics

  • Multi-currency systems that support a variety of program ecosystems

  • Cloud-based, SaaS solutions to minimize upfront infrastructure costs

  • Data security and data protection support