Mobile, AI-Based Conversation Solution for Cabin Crew Members

Social distancing presents new complications for flight attendants carrying out their in-flight duties. Additional gear like masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) make communication between crew members even more difficult. Crew members need new tools and communication techniques to provide services for in-flight passengers safely.

Rethinking Cabin Communication

  • Overcome difficulties communicating effectively while wearing masks or PPE

  • Improve in-flight communication between crew members throughout the aircraft

  • Activate voice commands and touch-free communications using built-in AI capabilities

  • Minimize the spread of disease between crew members and passengers at scale

Must-Have Technologies

  • Mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, and constant connectivity for all crew members

  • Standalone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mesh that does not use dedicated aircraft resources

  • Internet-connected, pre-flight preparation methods conducted on the ground before takeoff