Increasing Safety through Integration of Maintenance and Flight Operations

As COVID-19 grounded fleets worldwide, active aircraft faced extended flight times that strained aircraft maintenance and safety check requirements. Airlines need a scalable technical approach to ensure the best maintenance and flight operations performance, both in regular conditions and in the face of future crises.

Rethinking Flight Operations Technology

  • Rapid response to changing safety-check and maintenance needs due to extended flight times

  • Faster stakeholder collaboration and decision making during future crises or disruptions

  • Real-time alerting and updates to external systems

  • Rules compliance with company, union, and legal requirements

Must-Have Technologies

  • Integrated proactive monitoring of flight operations, crew utilization, and maintenance planning

  • Comprehensive situational awareness with stakeholder-alerting facilities

  • Optimization of fuel consumption, crew utilization, maintenance planning, and safety schedules

  • Centralized digital platform with scalable architecture and seamless integration capabilities