Increasing Efficiencies in Crew Allocation and Utilization

As airlines resume operations with reduced headcounts, they must make faster, smarter crew allocation decisions to reduce overhead costs. Airline resource planning departments must collaborate with staff and crew based on trust and data, as well as personal lifestyles and flexible working patterns to succeed. The right crew planning system both delivers cost savings and improves crew satisfaction and morale.

Rethinking Crew Utilization Technologies

  • Compliance with company rules, union collective agreements, and government regulations

  • Instantaneous crew training and crew rules changes to support cargo operations

  • High-speed inter-department communications—from crews to catering, to immigration

  • Streamlined crew pairings and crew-capacity forecasting with consideration for individual needs

  • Maintenance of rule sets and crew preferences pertinent to manpower planning

Must-Have Technologies

  • Sophisticated “what if” scenario analysis in support of strategic and business planning

  • Strategic macro-planning support from fleet and network plans

  • Sophisticated micro-planning support with SSIM, pairing, and pre-assignment

  • Crew mobile apps and hubs, featuring tools to plan and implement ad hoc training

  • Seamless interfacing between manpower planning and other airline systems