Increasing Direct Distribution, Automated Refunding, and Rebooking Rules

Reductions in travel caused by COVID-19 have allowed airlines to reassess their distribution strategies. Leveraging new digital tools in distribution and retailing—through automated bookings, re-bookings, servicing, and processing of both refunds and cancelations can help airlines ramp up operations quickly as they respond to growing travel demands.

Rethinking Booking Technologies

  • Reduced distribution costs with direction distribution via NDC

  • Reduced vendor dependency and IT maintenance costs with easy rules-based configurations

  • Renewed focus on direct channel sales and loyal, frequent flyers

  • Increased market share through smart management of fares and inventory

  • Full NDC compliance

Must-Have Technologies

  • Personalized, customer-centric designs for both ticketed and ticketless environments

  • Automated pricing, offer creation, ticketing, rebooking, and refunding, even to e-wallets

  • Rules-engine approach that allows for greater flexibility and faster time to market

  • Accessibility across multiple devices and channels and access to data via NDC APIs

  • Seamless integrations with multiple distribution channels