Increase Cargo Cost Savings with Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Carriers have faced massive staff cuts in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Transitioning from paper-based processes to 'data on-demand' through automation and AI adoption can optimize air cargo with minimal human assistance. These new measures can prevent future staff cuts by stabilizing costs and driving long-term savings.

Rethinking Cargo Automation

  • Eliminate revenue leakage and improved sale-to-bill cycles

  • Optimize staff and fleet deployment through automation, analytics, and demand forecasting

  • Solve data inaccuracies and simplify operations in a single frame using AI

  • Optimize workflows, ensure quality and compliance when handling special commodities

  • Resolve bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and human errors with automated operational data checks

Must-Have Technologies

  • Unified, integrated platform that brings together sales, operations, and accounting processes

  • Real-time analytics for integrated decision making using historical data and pattern matching

  • Real-time connectivity and seamless data sharing with external service providers and IoT devices

  • SaaS-based application hosting with zero upfront Capex and optimized pay-as-you-go Opex

  • Embedded business intelligence and data lakes

  • Automated workflows and rules-engine processes reduce staff training and guidance costs