Expanding Distribution Channels without Excessive Costs

Experts anticipate the volume of air travelers will not come close to pre-COVID-19 levels for an extended period. Airlines, therefore, need technologies that help optimize and expand distribution channels to increase their share of revenue from travel. But they need the flexibility to scale these channels without steep additional costs.

Rethinking Distribution

  • Flexibility to route the majority of bookings via airline’s own websites

  • Incentives for passengers who carry out direct channel bookings

  • Optimized order and offer management through real-time program adaptability

  • Expanding direct-distribution channels with minimal additional costs or technical complexities

Must-Have Technologies

  • Flexible rules engine features that quickly adapt to different regional requirements

  • Automated rebooking, refunds, cancellation, and crediting decision making by region

  • Schedule revenue management integrations with updates from health authority datacenters

  • Partners who adapt existing technologies to meet evolving technology and business requirements