Embrace Data-Driven Operations with Root-Cause Analytics and Insights Discovery

Airlines are encumbered by decades-old processes that do not leverage data insights to improve operations. These processes slowed critical responses to the economic fallout of the pandemic. When airlines leverage data in their planning and operations, they can adapt and grow to changing economic realities—and even future crises

Rethinking Data Handling

  • Near-limitless capacity for data storage, improving the outcomes of business-critical analytics

  • Greater staff awareness of airline domain, subdomains, and advanced analytics capabilities

  • Process optimization through data deep dives, root-cause analytics, and process optimization

  • Business transformation through the discovery of complex relationships and dependencies

Must-Have Technologies

  • Enterprise data lakes and data marts that store information from multiple airline systems

  • API availability to fetch data for analytics

  • Availability of analytics platforms, such as Power BI and Tableau

  • Automated data fetch and data cleansing for carrying out analytics