Boosting Personalization and Revenue with Dynamic Pricing

The post-COVID-19 return to travel promises to be one of fits and starts; with states, regions, and countries at various and evolving stages of recovery. While the lower passenger volumes will persist for some time, airlines can use technology to increase their share of revenue through dynamic pricing.

Rethinking Dynamic Pricing

  • Connect price-sensitive travelers with seats that would otherwise go empty

  • Give control to customers to take advantage of ancillary products and loyalty programs

  • Optimize pricing by context—geography, timing, demographics, frequency, or preferences

Must-Have Technologies

  • Flexible rules-engine features that easily adapt to reflect differing regional requirements

  • Automated rebooking, refunds, cancellations, and crediting decisions per regional requirements

  • Integrations of schedule and revenue management with external health authority datacenters

  • Existing-technology innovations to meet evolving technology and business requirements