Booking Automation for Changing Health Reporting Mandates Worldwide

The return to travel will be unpredictable as each state, region, and country recovers at its own pace. New policies at local and national levels may force airlines to approach compliance differently from one airport to another. Advanced booking automation can help them keep up with these evolving requirements.

Rethinking Booking Technology

  • Integrating health checks to uphold travel policy restrictions

  • Enforcing passenger health ID requirements during ticket booking

  • Confirming passenger health status using public-supported health databases

  • Imposing different requirements for domestic and international travel during a single trip

  • Requiring completed health declaration forms during the booking process

Must-Have Technologies

  • Flexible rules engine features that quickly adapt to regional requirements

  • Automated rebooking, refunds, cancellation, and crediting based on regional requirements

  • Integrations between schedule or revenue management and public health status updates

  • Innovative partnerships that evolve to meet new technical and business requirements