Adopting Advanced Anti-Fraud Measures

Altogether, the members of the world's top 10 airline loyalty programs possess points equivalent to over $90 billion, and exploitation of these programs is on the rise. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, airlines have used loyalty programs to find creative new revenue sources and protect costs; but as "loyalty fraud" becomes more prevalent and sophisticated, airlines need an advanced technical anti-fraud solution as part of their recovery roadmap.

Rethinking Loyalty Technologies

  • Real-time insight into fraudulent activities and cases via auto-generated reports and dashboards

  • Timely fraud analysis and response through integrated machine learning

  • Automatically identify suspect transactions and form a case for investigation

  • Reject or confirm case findings and use AI to build reliable learning for future cases

Must-Have Technologies

  • Fraud management that integrates with loyalty operators’ core loyalty platforms

  • Machine learning capabilities to detect and elevate fraudulent transactions

  • Integrated case management to validate flagged transactions

  • Advanced configurable rules engine capabilities with triggering actions

  • Multi-perspective monitoring to identify short-term and long-term fraudulent behavior

  • Integrated data analytics and reporting dashboards for real-time fraud transparency