Addressing Crew Health and Fatigue Due to Extended Flight Legs and Threat of Quarantine

COVID-19 shutdowns grounded entire fleets and spurred massive crew furloughs. Airlines' remaining staff faced longer flight legs and more significant fatigue amidst the possibility of quarantines. As more crew members return to work, technology can increase crew-planning efficiencies in ways that will protect the health and safety of crew members during future crisis scenarios.

Rethinking Crew Assignment Technology

  • Minimize disruptions by maintaining communication with crew members

  • Centralize the management of crew-member data through HR-system integrations

  • Adapt crew pairing in real-time based on ever-changing environments

  • Ensure constant rules compliance, frequent alerts, and updates to external systems

  • Deliver an integrated view of pairings, flights, activities, and rosters

  • Ensure decision rules are in compliance with company, union, and legal requirements

Must-Have Technologies

  • Automate rostering to improve KPIs, such as crew efficiency, fatigue, and health requirements

  • Employ extensive “what if” scenario analyses to optimize rostering and pairings

  • Launch crew notifications via real-time mobile apps, tablets, SMS, and external portals

  • Automate hotel and transport bookings, prioritizing based on capacity and safety